Are you looking for a place to host your own
server hardware?

Search no further! As NewMedia Express has Data Centres in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia and Japan to fulfil your colocation requirements. We provide fully equipped facilities to house your server hardware to maximize uptime availability.


Server Size Ascenix Data Center
1U S$203.30/month
2U S$278.20/month
3U/4U S$353.10/month
5U/6U S$428.00/month
  • Secure and Safe physical location: Ascenix Pte Ltd. (25 Kallang Avenue #05-04 Singapore 339416)
  • Guaranteed 5Mbps Internet Connection with up to 100Mbps of Shared Bandwidth capacity
  • Two (2) Dedicated IPs
  • One (1) Ethernet Port Access
  • One (1) 13A Power Socket
  • MRTG Usage Graph
  • 24x7 Email Technical Support
  • 24x7 Unlimited Access to Data Centre (Direct register with NOC/Security, without NewMedia Express presence)
  • One (1) Working Day for Setup only


Server Size Equinix Data Center
1U S$406.60/month
2U S$513.60/month
3U/4U S$620.60/month
5U/6U S$727.60/month
  • Secure and Safe physical location: Equinix Singapore SG1, Equinix Hong Kong HK1, Equinix Tokyo TY8
  • Guaranteed 5Mbps Internet Connection with up to 100Mbps of Shared Bandwidth capacity
  • Two (2) Dedicated IPs
  • One (1) Ethernet Port Access
  • One (1) 13A Power Socket
  • MRTG Usage Graph
  • 24x7 Email Technical Support
  • One (1) Working Day for Setup only

  • Managed Firewall
  • Backup Storage facilities in case of power outrages
  • Additional Dedicated IPs
  • Cross Connect Services
  • 24 x 7 Application Monitoring (Email / SMS Alert)
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Housing options of 10U, Half Rack & 1 Full Rack
  • Others data center locations also available at Jakarta and Seoul
  • Rack Tray at S$53.50 (One Time Setup Fee)
  • On-site Smart Hand Service
  • Access to 100Mbps Shared bandwidth will be deny if user found to abuse this shared bandwidth by constantly bursting more than 5Mbps
  • No IRC, IRCD, botnet, eggdrop or related service allowed. Port 6667 block by default.


You should opt for server colocation as it gives you full control over the different types of hardware and software you may choose to use. By colocating your server and other hardware in our data centre, you will be able to reduce overhead expenses by being able to do away with having to invest in network equipment, leasing your own dedicated line and hiring/training technical support staff to maintain your network. This frees you up to concentrate on your core business.

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable network technicians and facilities managers are always located on-site to provide remote "hands and feet" support to our clients. In addition, our customer service team is always a phone call or email away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to provide you with the best physical environment in which to host your servers.

What are the advantages of NewMedia Express's Server Colocation Services?
  • High performance Internet transit services.
  • Emergency back-up generator power in case of power failures
  • 24/7 Network Operations Centre
  • Highly secure and safe storage location
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Pre-action systems for fire suppression.
  • Multiple climate controlled air conditioned units
  • Anti-static flooring
  • Unmetered 100Base-T shared bandwidth local/international
  • Avoiding of congestion and outages with deployed Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP)
We offer a range of rack space plans for both small to medium-sized businesses and individuals alike. Services include:
  • Multiple rack space options (1U to full rack)
  • Scalable bandwidth options
  • Managed / Unmanaged Firewall options
  • File System Backup
  • Customized request hotline, please click here

NewMedia Express Network is powered by Noction IRP

Network Infrastructure is the single most important factor in evaluating a hosting service. NewMedia Express continually invests in network equipment, infrastructure and backbone connectivity in all our Data Centres to ensure that our customers' websites get the fastest possible access to their viewers.

Multiple Network Connections

Want the total flexibility and independence of being able to choose your own hardware and software? NewMedia Express's Data centre facilities are more than able to fulfil your colocation requirements.

  • YAHOO (via SGIX, Equinix Exchange)
  • Microsoft (via SGIX)
  • AMAZON (via Equinix Exchange)
  • SGGS (via SGIX)
  • USONYX (via SGIX)
  • SuperInternet (via SGIX, Equinix Exchange)
  • M1 (via SGIX)
  • Starhub (via Equinix, Direct Connect)
  • M1CONNECT (ex Qala DC) (via Equinix Exchange)
  • Equinix Singapore (via Equinix Exchange)
Noction Intelligent Routing Platform
  • NewMedia Express Network is powered by Noction IRP
  • Maximum network performance
  • Reroute congestion and outages
  • Improve network stability and predictability
  • MORATEL (via SGIX)
  • TELIN (Telkom Indonesia International) (via SGIX, Equinix Exchange)
  • INDOSAT (via Equinix, Direct Connect)
  • PT. Transnetwork Communication Asia (via Equinix Exchange)
  • Matrix Network (via Equinix Exchange)
  • HGC (Hutchison Global Communications) (via Equinix Exchange)
  • True International Gateway (via Equinix Exchange)
  • CAT Telecom (Also known as Thailand Internet Exchange) (via Equinix Exchange)
24/7 Network Monitoring

NewMedia Express provides 24/7 network monitoring. We will escalate a failure network to the immediate attention of our Network Operators teams. In addition, text messaging (SMS) will be sent to inform customers about the network status in the event of an emergency.

Our Infrastructure

Download: Cloud Infrastructure Logical Diagram

1. Data Centre

Physically hosted in 1-Net Singapore data centre located at Technopark@Chaichee, 1-Net Singapore data centre carries the following features:

  • 24x7x365 Customer Support Centre and monitoring.
  • Power availability 99.9995% dual sourced
  • Precision air-con and environmental monitoring systems
  • FM200 gas suppression system
  • Water and Smoke detection systems
  • Multi-feed distribution matrix
  • Rooftop backup diesel generator
  • UPS standby power supply
  • 24x7x365 security video surveillance
  • Proximity card and biometrics security system
4. Network

Cisco 6500 Series Core Switch, equip with Supervisor Engine 720 support up to 720Gbps switching backbone, feature includes:

  • Redundant Supervisor Engine 720
  • Redundant Firewall Service Module
  • Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Up to 20Gbps Firewall Throughput
  • Firewall with Multiple Security Context

2. Compute Resource

Fujitsu Primergy Blade Server, each chassis support up to 80 processor cores, 320GB RAM, features include:

  • 4 x Power Supply Module (Redundant Configuration)
  • 2 x Blade Switch Module
  • 2 x Management Module
  • Each server blade support 2 x Intel Low-Voltage Xeon Quad-Core Processors

5. Virtualization Platform

VMware ESX Server provide OS virtualization to support 32bit or 64bit x86 based operating system. Majority Linux OS & Microsoft Windows Server is supported. Other feature includes:

  • High availability virtual machine
  • VMotion (Live Migration)
  • DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler)
  • DPM (Distributed Power Management)

3. Storage

NetApp FAS Dual Controller Storage Subsystem, support up to 420 Disks, more than 100 Terabytes storage capacity, features include:

  • Support RAID-DP high performance RAID-6
  • Support both FC Disk & SATA Disk
  • Support CIFS, ISCSI, FC, NFS protocol
  • Dual Controller Active-Active configuration with 8GB Cache Memory
  • Redundant Power Supply

NewMedia Express offers Dedicated Bandwidth...for a high powered, high speed, high traffic website.

Why Dedicated Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a crucial part of your colocation and dedicated server services. If your website uses high bandwidth, you may want to consider committing or subscribing to a specific amount of high dedicated bandwidth usage each month. This may be preferable to using our standard shared bandwidth services, which is pooled among our many customers.

What are the advantages of subscribing to dedicated bandwidth services?

You will be able to receive and use bandwidth up to the amount which you have subscribed/committed to at any given point in time. As such, if you expect to receive extremely high traffic volume, a busy server or wish to provide live streaming services (of MP3 or video files), we can guarantee that you will always have more than enough bandwidth to serve your visitors.

Dedicated Bandwidth at Value for Money prices

NewMedia Express offers you high quality bandwidth services at the lowest price possible. Our prices are highly competitive with the rest of the industry.

All our colocation services come with 5Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth. If you anticipate heavier traffic to your website or intend to offer live streaming services, contact us today ( with your requirements. We will offer you our best business solution tailored to your specific needs.

To Test Our Speed

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Customers wanting to alter local preference on their routes.

Description                                          Community
Customer (Default) 38001:490
Customer backup 38001:480
Peer 38001:470
Peer Backup 38001:460
Blackhole 38001:999


Communities marked on routes sent to customers

Description                                         Community
Japan 38001:2401
Australia 38001:2402
Hong Kong 38001:2403
Taiwan 38001:2404
South Korea 38001:2405
Singapore 38001:2406
Malaysia 38001:2407
Thailand 38001:2408
Indonesia 38001:2409


Communities marked on routes by Upstream Provider

Description                                           Community
Noction   38001:8000
Starhub 38001:8001
PCCW 38001:8002
KINX 38001:8004
NTT 38001:8006
Singtel 38001:8007
TATA 38001:8008
GTT/TINET 38001:8009
COGENT 38001:8010
TeliaSonera 38001:8011
Level 3 38001:8012


Customers wanting to alter their route announcements to selected peers.

Description                                              Community
Do not announce to Starhub 65500:4657
Do not announce to Singtel 65500:7473
Do not announce to NTT 65500:2914
Do not announce to TATA 65500:6453
Do not announce to GTT/TINET 65500:3257
Do not announce to COGENT 65500:174
Do not announce to TeliaSonera 65500:1299
Do not announce to PCCW 65500:3491
Do not announce to Level 3 65500:3356